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WELCOME TO RIBFEST USA! Our mission: Celebrate one of the greatest food genres & cultures in the world - American ribs, BBQ, events, ribbers, contests, music and more. Working in conjunction with Rock & Roll Kitchen Films (see some of their great designs), we produce entertaining, educational content custom-built for today's "short attention span" audience. Our content is also created specifically to take advantage of the exploding number of "digital eyeballs" (i.e, consumer impressions delivered through compute monitors and mobile devices), with particular emphasis on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

LIKE US ON FACEBOOK TO ENTER OUR EXCITING UPCOMING "MARKETING MAKEOVER" PRIZE. If your restaurant is badly in need of cutting-edge marketing (branding, HD video, website, photos, social media pages, merchandise, food packaging, etc.), this invaluable Grand Prize is for YOU. (details soon); contact us to see samples of our marketing/design projects.

Meantime, have a look at some of our fun videos we did for Chicago-area Baby Back Blues (we also did their fabulous new logo).

These videos directly helped Baby Back Blues be selected for a feature segment on WGN's "Chicago's Best" in 2010, which resulted in nearly doubling their business following its broadcast (sweet).

Baby Back Blues Feature Piece   Customer Testimonials   "Say The Name" Speed Game

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